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Elgas is a private Czech company based in Pardubice, located in a region known for its extensive electrical engineering expertise. In its 25 year existence, more than 230,000 volume converters and loggers have been produced, making it one of the top 5 market leaders. The company has 150 FTE and only focuses on the natural gas industry with converters and modems, whereby services and semi-finished products such as pressure sensors are used in the process industry or are supplied to direct competitors. In addition, Elgas took over the gas meter division of the Swiss GWF a few years ago. Elgas products are characterized by the great flexibility with regard to desired settings, options and installation options. See also the video in which Elgas presents itself.


The distributorship originated from the partnership with Gascat. A successful implementation of the agreement at the beginning of 2017 led to exclusivity in serving the Dutch market. The Belgian market was also awarded to Raak IGS in mid-2017.

The Brazilian company Gascat is not only a manufacturer of components, but also a station builder. Its history is in the early eighties, based on French insight. Only in the last 20 years has Gascat managed to become independent in technology through its own development department, with the result that it is now active in 40 countries on all continents. The objective of the company is to be the largest and best supplier of gas industry products in Brazil, and to be internationally recognized as a reliable supplier. To achieve this, a distributor network is used, in which Raak IGS has exclusivity for the BENELUX. In the partnership with ZIL, both Gascat and Raak are manufactures of gas stations.

VoTech Filter is a specialized and innovative family business. Located near Düsseldorf (D), VoTech is a manufacturer of filter cartridges for natural and industrial gases. Supported by the experience and know-how of a motivated and well-qualified team, they work every day on a reliable name in the area of separation. VoTech products are offered worldwide to all renowned energy and engineering companies. A few agents offer support in this, including Raak IGS as a distributor of VoTech in the Netherlands.