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Raak IGS

Raak IGS B.V. is the trading company of Raak Group since 2016, and also a discussion partner for international contacts. Raak was established in 1967 for initially overhauling and checking natural gas reducing installations. Over the years, the company has grown into a holding company (Raak Group) with three companies. The core activities have been relocated to station construction, which are housed in the Raak Installatiebouw company. The activities of certification of natural gas installations within the industry (Scios 7A and 7B) have since 2008 been transferred to Raak Engineering.


The vision of IGS is to combine the best of the Raak Group and to showcase knowledge in an international context. Raak Group has been active in the natural gas industry in the Netherlands for decades, and specializes in building gas stations for regional network companies (low pressure). Partly as a result of the partnership with ZIL high pressure stations have also been built in recent years for both the national and international market. The result is that Raak Group has developed into a specialist in a market where suppliers of components are more likely to go for mass instead of specialization. This creates opportunities that IGS will continuously respond to.


Raak IGS has a strategic partnership with ZIL. ZIL’s core business is the design and development of tailor-made measurement and control stations. With its associated companies a highly experienced and specialized team supplies complex gas infrastructures worldwide. A wide range of project services are offered from the United Kingdom which are constantly evolving due to the constantly changing needs of its customers. In this context, Raak manifests itself in various disciplines as a Group. Raak Installatiebouw for construction, Raak Engineering for boiler rooms, Raak IGS for measuring and control equipment. Gascat is also active in this regard.


The whole of measures and procedures in the field of quality, health and safety at work and the environment is laid down in the quality manual. This handbook meets the requirements stated in the NEN-ISO 9001-2015 and 14001-2015. Over the years, an external party has always been used to assist Raak Group in the certification process. In addition to cost savings, the intended result is a more efficient quality system that is fully focused on the activities of the companies in the Raak Group. Our CSR policy is also incorporated into this process.

The CSR playing field is large and the majority of customers are players with a lot of influence. The CSR policy of these customers is followed, and has the objective for Raak Group to make the impact of its activities a minimum burden on our world, which is threatened by pollution and global warming. In consultation with our customers, suppliers and employees, considerations and agreements are made about this, and insight is given into the social responsibility and sustainability of Raak Group. This is to put the economic interests in perspective. Means that are partly used for this are a CO2 footprint, an environmental management table (AIM), the mentioned ISO certifications, commodity passport and management review.