Diensten Engels

The services offered by Raak Installatiebouw and Raak Engineering can also be offered via Raak IGS. This could include the installation of gas meters, EVC’s or maintenance at gas stations. A knowledgeable and fully qualified team of engineers is at your service for this.

Although within the Raak Group each company works independently and has its own vision, optimal use is also made of the overlap that exists. Personnel and equipment can be purchased by Raak IGS at cost-effective intercompany rates. As a customer you therefore use everything that Raak Group has to offer, with only one contracted party. See also the organization chart, which clearly shows how our companies reinforce each other.

In addition, we can also relieve you with our large stock of overhaul parts for regulators and valves from all common manufacturers. If our stock is not sufficient, we can adjust it in consultation or expand our distribution channels. Contact us to ask about the possibilities.